Peanuts or Sour Grapes?

There are many types of people in this big world, however, I would like to focus on two types in particular. The givers and the takers. What I mean, specifically, are the energy givers and the energy suckers.

Have you ever been at a party and observed these two types of people walk into the room? Immediately, there is a change in temperature.

The energy giver offers the room a warm embrace sending electric shock-waves through the crowd. The room begins to buzz with the life that has simply brightened the room with a welcoming smile.

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To observe the energy sucker is quite a different experience. The newcomer offers no smile, or at best, a smirk. They seem curt and short of temper. Their greetings are clipped and their stance is usually one of self-preservation. There is a chill that surrounds them. Any energy that was buzzing moments ago is now, somehow, drawn from the room and the tail-end of it can be seen skipping out of the doorway.

Now I’m not sure if the energy sucker was born this way or simply molded into being off-putting. Their conversations are steeped in negativity and they actually think they are funny when they insult another person.

Please don’t misunderstand me – the energy sucker is not always unpleasant. In fact, oftentimes, they don’t even realize that they are being a vacuum for all of the positive energy in the room. They are plainly in their own world and we are just visitors. They are not in need of positive energy, in that the energy they bring is their own, and that seems to be sufficient. They don’t know they are literally draining the room of the life it once contained.

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The energy giver brings with them a gift…. the gift of themselves. This person becomes a conduit for energy to enter into their being, be charged, then they return it to the room as a positive, life-giving vibration!

Many times the energy sucker is a kill-joy, while the energy giver emits joy to those surrounding them. We’ve all heard the expression, “Birds of a feather, flock together”, well, this explains the energy sucker to only a degree. In that misery loves company and the energy suckers will tend to navigate towards one another. Unless, that is, if someone in the group happens to be a much more negative individual and begins to infringe on one of the other in the group. Then that person will often find a group of life-givers and begin interacting enough to draw the energy from them.

I truly don’t believe that the suckers really know themselves well enough to even acknowledge what they are doing. While the life-givers are fairly self-aware and are conscientious of stealing another’s thunder!

There is an energy sucker out there that can be mistaken for a life-giver. They want so badly to be life-givers that they put on a happy face and try to become as warm as they can manage. They surround themselves with life-givers and try to imitate their way of interacting with others. However, a tragic turn of events takes place when they begin speaking. Often, they turn the conversation to themselves to the point that it begins to slowly drain the vibration from the group as the dialog sheds light on the negative aspect of the closet life sucker!

I’d like to think of myself as an energy giver. However, I know that there have been times when I have not been so much and have allowed myself to be a sucker of the life around me. I have tried to be conscientious of that pitfall and focus on others more! I do have a smile that I hope conveys the warmth that I wish to give others!

What do you think? Are you a life giver or life sucker? What about the people with which you surround yourself – life suckers or life givers? How do you deal with the life-suckers in your life?

Thanks for dropping in – let me hear from you! Take care and be blessed!


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