Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder!

The Canadian Snow Birds Airshow was here in Owensboro this weekend. I didn’t get to watch them except for today. It was amazing to watch these formations and routines that they carry out for our viewing pleasure!

As they dive one toward the other only to have one flip over and slide under the other as they fly by at 600 miles per hour, I suck my breath in waiting to see the crash, but somehow – the crash never happens. They turn their smoke jets on behind them and make a giant heart with the smoke – to let us know that they appreciate our support in coming out to watch them.

The sky is their playground and it’s an incredible sight to see. It’s as though these planes are telling a story with their winding and waving back and forth and all around. The engines roaring and soaring bring tears to my eyes knowing the pleasure of the day can turn into tomorrow’s work of a different kind for those planes and their pilots. Perhaps not for these exact planes and pilots, but for those that are quite similar.

As we walked up, the loud-speaker was announcing that the pilot finishing up his show was 75 years of age. Back in the day, perhaps it was the Korean War where he began his flying career. I’m sure he didn’t master those stunts then when he was concentrating on merely staying alive and getting the job done!

The F-18 Hornet was impressive. The fly by just shy of breaking the sound bearer was almost unbearable to take. My insides trembled as I bent over because it seemed so close it could take my head off, but realizing that the sound was seconds after the plane had flown past and that it was long gone by the time the sound affected me. Crazy awesome!


As the Snow Birds flew in formation only to split in multiple directions – I felt it was a prayer of sorts to cover all of us from all walks of life. Such gratitude I felt watching them. So reverent were the formations and flyovers. Very ceremonious were they in the patterns of flight. Standards held at their highest. Perhaps we can learn something from that. If we carried ourselves and performed with the highest of standards in mind, what a difference this world could be.

I can’t post this without giving a shout out to my nephew, Chris Corley!  He’s in the United States Air Force!  He knows these planes and has been up in many of them.  I am very proud of him and all that he has accomplished in his military career!

What a fun afternoon spending it downtown with the city of Owensboro. Thank you, Owensboro, for giving this to us – for free – for our enjoyment. I truly did enjoy it and I hope the city of Owensboro is as grateful as I am for such an opportunity!

Thanks for stopping in and I truly hope you have a blessed day!


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