A Rainy Day Contemplation

You know the saying, “Wouldn’t you rather say – I’m glad I did rather than I wish I had!” Well, I’ve been thinking of that lately….and I’m just not sure that the consequences are always worth the lack of regret from the statement – “I am glad that I did that”.

You see, there are consequences to our behavior – no matter what decision we make. For instance, I decided to stay home and work rather than going back to school and obtaining my degree. Both of these decisions had different outcomes – had I gone back to school, I would have received a degree and hopefully gone to work making a decent living, although, I was making a decent living by working and not receiving my degree. However, I might not have decided to marry so early in life, and perhaps, I might have discovered a whole different part of myself and decided that I needed to marry someone different from the person I married after staying home and not going back to school.  Neither decision is a bad decision, but both actions, may – at some point – lead to the “What if’s” of life.

There have been decisions that I have made that I sometimes wish that I had not chosen that particular action – however, without a shadow of a doubt – had I not chosen that action – I would have wondered the rest of my life what would have come from it had I chosen the action. Now, I don’t wonder that – but I kind of regret the action. How do you escape it? I don’t think you do…

The whole point to this mindless drivel is that decisions lead to ramifications and depending on your level of commitment to that decision – those ramifications may bring about regret. Regardless of your actions – you could possibly say to yourself – “MAN, I sure wish I had not done that!” However, on the flip side – you could just as easily say to yourself, “I wonder where I would be right now if I had done that!”

Any decision can change the course of your life – or not – but regardless there will be consequences. You just need to be aware of what the outcome may be and decide if you are willing to accept life as it happens – because regret can come on either side of any decision.

Well – this is my musing for the day!  Thanks for stopping in – be sure to leave a comment if something strikes you!  May you have a blessed day! 🙂

Yours truly,


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