Daily Archives: December 1, 2016

What Has That Screen Done for You Lately?

There are plenty of conversations about how these little screens we hold in our hands are affecting our lives. It’s not that the screen is bad, but unfortunately, it takes us away from where we are and places us completely somewhere else.  The question is what are we missing right in front of us?
Sometimes, I feel we behave like little children who are afraid we might be missing out on something, so we stay constantly connected to the online party. I know….I’ve been there. Although, our present moments are giving away to future moments, they are all too soon becoming moments of the past…it seems tragic that they are spent looking at a screen rather than into the eyes of a loved one. We choose to hold the cold electronic device, rather than the warm hand of someone we love sitting right beside us.

7041607626c3525a30c5ff14e2a1b355This Christmas season, make a concentrated effort on being present and having a presence in the room with those who you have chosen to be in your life.
Think of it this way….if this were your last Christmas ….how would you like to be remembered? Do you want them to remember you by the type of phone you hold in your hand or by the sound of your laughter as you engage and connect with those around you? Something we all might consider.
Thanks for stopping in. Be blessed today….then spread it around to others.