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Simply Age or Age with Grace?

There is a truth in life we all must face – whether we like it or not – it’s inevitable – it’s called aging. And we have a choice – we can age with grace or simply age. I prefer to age with grace if I can at all help myself.

When I think of aging with grace, I think of my mother and my grandmother. They were both wonderful women and I’m grateful I had their influence upon my life. I can only hope to have a small amount of the grace that they encapsulated. There are a few elements that stand out – some they had – some they did not, but a good balance is always essential.

First of all, aging with grace simply means aging with elegance or a refinement. When I think of someone like Rosanne Barr’s character in her show, “Rosanne”, the aspect of aging with grace does not come to my mind. However, someone who does come to mind aging gracefully would be Julie Andrews or Mary Tyler Moore. There are some key differences here!

There are a few ideas that I feel will help us gracefully age. Perhaps you can’t incorporate all of them, but again it’s all about having that balance in our lives.

1) Diet and Exercise. Clean living with clean eating makes a difference in our bodies. Eating garbage can make its appearance in more ways than just your weight. Your hair and skin is healthier when we are getting the proper nutrients and drinking plenty of water. Exercise is important, not just for our weight, but for our blood flow and to help us keep agile enough to continue to move our bodies.2617fd2616bf01adb881bef64436dff5

2) Keep the Mind Active! My grandmother was the mother of 12 children and had 63 grandchildren and over 110 great-grandchildren by the time she passed away. I was down towards the end of those grandchildren and whenever I would go to see her, she would remember the name of my husband. Can you believe that? She would ask how he was doing by name. This impressed me. My mother could always talk about sports with the men. She was not particularly interested in sports, but she read about them because she wanted to keep fresh on what was going on in the world of sports as it pertained to the interest of those surrounding her. Keep reading, learning and stretching your brain muscle, otherwise, it’s going to shrivel from lack of use. It’s important to keep your mind fresh for as long as you are able.

3) Spirituality! Have some sort of meaning for your life. We were not put on this earth for ourselves. Having a meaning and a purpose keeps us moving forward with the knowledge that crawling out of bed in the morning when your body doesn’t want to co-operate has a greater good to it. We can offer our aches and pains up for the betterment of young people, the society, our world. When we have a restful spirit – it shows on our face and in our eyes. When our soul is full of grace because of a spiritual connection to something larger than ourselves – our countenance is reflecting of that connection.20e217408dcaf3a502cfec1ca44ebed4

4) Surround Yourself with Positive People and Keep Humor in your Life. My mother and grandmother were funny and they enjoyed laughter. Having so much family around, they were surrounded by good fun people, which was a blessing! When we are left alone to face our aging years, we can let the negative thoughts overtake us and give into it. But it’s important to keep the negativity at bay in order to be the difference in the world. Humor keeps you young at heart. When we lift our voice in laughter, the years fall from our face and is replaced by the mirth of youthfulness.

5) Have an Encouraging Word for Others! My mother paid attention. When she would see a young mother with several children or a young pregnant mother, she always had a kind word for them. Whenever anyone talked with my mother or grandmother, we all came away with something to hold onto for our lives. It’s all about leaving the world a better place than the way we found it, so to speak.

6) Lastly, and this is paramount …. You must have a great skin cream! I am a Mary Kay lady, myself, and I love the skin care! However, I, recently, have discovered the uses of coconut oil. And I’ve been using that quite a bit on my face and hands. Whatever is your favorite, some type of good skin cream is a must!

All in all, it is known that we age as we have lived. So if we’re hardened of heart during our younger years, our heart is not going to go much softer during our golden years unless we make a concentrated effort to change things. If you find yourself in that category, I hope that you can make the changes necessary to have your grandchildren say that when they think of aging with grace – they think of you!

Thanks for stopping in! Be blessed but more importantly, be a blessing to others!