Daily Archives: July 6, 2016

Enlighten me, Please!

Something has been on my mind lately and I hope that I can string the words along just right so that I can make sense of it – for me – as much as for you!

I’ve been thinking about lighting and how it makes a difference in how we view our world. For instance, a woman looks as though she is ‘washed out’ with no makeup on in dim lighting, but move her into brighter lighting, and she could look like a ‘lady of the night’ with way too much makeup! Although, if you move her into extreme bright lights – like those of a stage setting – she becomes washed out again.

In the bright setting of a church – our sins stand exposed and our souls a little tarnished against the white light of Christ – however, in the murky lighting of bars and nightclubs – our sins blend and become masked by the shadowy surroundings.

We often think that we are being judged by the members of the church, but the truth of that is that we are comparing ourselves to the Light of Christ when we sit in His House, and we become our own judge. The beautiful thing about this analogy is that when Christ turns His light on us – our sins become ‘washed out’ like the woman’s makeup on stage – and all we’re left with is the memory of our sin. In turn – coming out of the nightclub into the light of day, our sins are once again exposed and we’ve got no choice but to identify them for what they are.


The knots of a couple’s tangled web of frustrations, arguments, and misunderstandings in an evening can often become untangled and sorted out in the light of the day.

When we allow the darkness to seep in – life changes and we begin to take on a new persona from living in the light.

Man loves the darkness because it hides his transgressions, however – darkness brings a certain death – whether to the soul or to the intellect or to the body itself. Only light can spring forth life.

Light can open the mind to see further than it’s ever been able to see. Darkness stunts the vision. Light sheds ignorance, and replaces it with knowledge. There is hardly anything so desolate as a mind that refuses enlightenment, unless you are speaking of the soul. Regardless, the both of them will die in the absence of light.

Interestingly, you would think that having written this – a person would vow to live only in the light. But it seems, that we are drawn toward a certain amount of darkness. Even if we do vow to live in the light – it doesn’t mean that we will never venture to the darkness. Try as we might, I believe the darkness calls us and we can become powerless at times. Is this the effect of Original Sin? I would like to think I live in light, but I know that I fail, and darkness wins. Perhaps, I need to stay more firmly rooted in the light, whatever that means for my soul, my intellect or for my body. Maybe then I wouldn’t fall so far and I could have a faster recovery time. Regardless, I desire to live more conscientiously in light. I think that has to be my first step.

Thank you for reading…drop me a thought or too if you care to share!  Keep smiling and keep it on the lighter side of life! 😉