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The Final Piece of the Puzzle

We are coming down to the final pieces of the puzzle for this move to be complete. Today, we close on our new house! We closed on our house in Lexington earlier this week, we completed the walk through and talked with the contractor to start work on our bathroom, and we close today. The light at the end of the tunnel is close enough to touch, but just far enough out of reach that leaves us with a small amount of anxiety.

The night before we closed on our Lexington home, Allen and I went up and spent the night in our empty home on an air mattress. We bought a six-pack of beer and a bag of popcorn – and that was our supper. We packed the few remaining items in the truck and settled in for our last night at 597 Cecil Way. I wish I could say we reminisced and went through memories in a real romantic way, but it didn’t happen that way. We were worn out and it was all we could do to finish the beer and go to bed. But that’s okay, I was still grateful to have that last night at the house.

The next morning was spent going from room to room checking out the closets and making sure that nothing was left. It’s amazing the amount of things that had not been seen to yet. Haha – and I thought we were done! Allen’s truck was pretty packed by the time we were leaving the house. Pulling out of the driveway was particularly difficult. Knowing that it would be the last time we would be on the property as owners – the next time, if there would be a next time – it would be as guests. Pretty incredible feeling after 20 years.

I have to tell you that meeting the couple that were buying our house was very nice. They were excited, and even through the tears, I was happy for them. We talked, as we waited, and they remind me so much of our little family when we moved into that house. We told them stories of the house and laughed about the different things the kids had done, and Mrs. Buyer was telling similar stories that she anticipated her children doing in the house, as well. She assured me, in her enthusiasm, that she would love my home, and it wouldn’t be long before it became her home and was no longer mine. And, I am excited for her! When she left the closing, she said she was going over there to the house, and I couldn’t help being excited for her, knowing it was theirs now, and she could begin making it home for her family! I’m happy for my neighbors, after saying a tearful goodbye, I was able to let them know that they would soon find friends in their new neighbors, and I was happy for them that the couple were such good people for my house and my neighbors! Mrs. Buyer and I even shared a hug before we left the closing, and she promised not to cut down the dogwood trees – so it’s all good!

We are to give the owners of the house we are buying seven days to move out of the house after closing, but the hope is that they’ll be out by Easter Sunday. We are beginning to switch over all of our addresses now from 597 Cecil Way to 2227 St. Mark Court. I love it! I love seeing the new address with our name just above it! We renewed our driver’s license with our new address, and by the end of the day, we will no longer be homeless, but will have a place to lay our head that will have our name on it. I couldn’t be more excited!

Last night we completed the walk through, and we met with a contractor to begin work on our master bathroom. It’s a tiny bathroom, and he’s opening it up for us a little. I can’t wait to begin putting our stamp on this home. For months, I’ve been pinning decorating ideas from Pinterest. Looking for ways to consolidate space and increase storage in the smaller areas. I have gotten to where I call this “My Little House” because it is a bit smaller than the one in Lexington, and I’m thrilled! I just have to be wise in the way I use the space! Yesterday while we were waiting for the realtor to come let us into the house, I found a four-leaf clover in the yard. I thought that was a pretty good sign for us!


I must give a shout out to family and friends that have hosted us at various times throughout these last four months. What a blessing you have been for us – and we couldn’t be more grateful! We have learned from you and your generosity is not lost on us. We will never be able to pay back what you have given to us, but we will spend our time trying! Thank you so much for your loving hospitality. We always felt at home – in your home!

The next time I write, I will be writing from my house here in Owensboro. I am tickled at the thought. This weekend is Easter, and we’ll be going to Louisville to spend it with our children, when we return, it is our hope that we’ll be spending our first night in the new home! YAY! 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read – please feel free to comment! I love the feedback!

Be blessed and have a Happy Easter, y’all!

Yours Truly,


Every Ending Leads to a New Beginning

“SOLD” the sign boasts – displayed in the front yard of our Lexington home. Emotions are stirring.

For over twenty-five years, I have been wanting to make this move – back to our hometown, however, now that it’s here and becoming a reality – I find that my heart is breaking a little.



The dogwoods will be blooming soon after we leave and the new people take possession. Our Mary Statue will no longer be greeting the Clay’s Mill traffic. This house, this address, this location will no longer be our home – we won’t be welcomed to walk in as though it were ours for the last 20 plus years. We shall be saying goodbye – not only to that house, but to Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary, to Chili’s on Man O’War, to friends we love so much – to Lexington. WOW….it’s a little overwhelming.


I’ve been living now in Owensboro for the last four months, working and living with family and friends. I am quite excited about our new house and settling down, however, knowing that as I write this, there is a U-haul truck sitting in my driveway awaiting the contents of my house, and when I walk into it this evening, it will be all but barren, leaves me with a heartbreak that has caught me off guard.

This is the home that raised our four children. This is where they fought, bled, laughed and loved. From skinned knees to skinned hearts, that home has been witness to it all. The memories are not packed in the many boxes that lay strewn through the house, but rather packed in our hearts. I know this, and I tell myself this, never the less, my heart breaks at the finality of it. No more Thanksgivings or Christmases in that kitchen playing Hawaiian Rummy or dominoes, but rather in the new house – in the dining room. HA – I’ve never had a dining room before!

This new home won’t be the home belonging to my children. It will belong to their father and me. It’ll be our home. The familiarity that they have with the house in Lexington will not carry over with the furniture and the boxes. Although, what will carry over is the laughter that we will share and good feelings that will be created in the new house. The new arrivals of loves and lives – we pray! A new house to host the growth and changes that we have in store for us in our lives.


We started this journey knowing what the outcome would be for us. The end of one chapter and the beginning of another chapter. As we come down to the final hours of it all, I shouldn’t be surprised by my emotion, but regardless, I am surprised. I will allow myself the indulgence to cry it out, because I know when we put our key into the door of our new home, I won’t be crying that day. I’ll be walking through the door of anticipation at all the beautiful new memories to be made and shared within those walls.

Life is full of love and heartbreak. I would like to think that the little breaks in our heart, with the array of colorful images, eventually, will make a beautiful mosaic heart in which to offer our Creator at the end of our life. This transition from one home to another has given dimension to my heart in a way that it didn’t have six months ago. I wonder what the next six months will have in store for my heart…. I am hopeful! 🙂

May your day be blessed, thank you for reading,

Yours truly,


A Sprinkle of Kindness Can Go A Long Way

Perhaps it’s just the way I was raised – perhaps it is my faith in God – or perhaps it’s the confidence I have in myself that has me trying to live by the Golden Rule. You know, treating others as I would like to be treated. It seems like such an easy concept. I remember when I was first introduced to the phrase – it made absolute sense to me. But I’m amazed by the people who fail in this aspect of their lives.

I say that perhaps it is my own confidence because I don’t feel that I will lose anything – or nothing will be taken from me if I treat others with kindness and in a manner of respect. I have been witness, as well as the recipient of the mentality of do unto others before they do unto you. My experience with these people and my observation of them is they manage a strong front but underneath the façade, they are afraid that they will be taken advantage of in any given situation.

My answer or my philosophy to that issue – because people do take advantage – however, if we were all living by the Golden Rule – then we would all be conscientious of taking one another for granted. Although, I am no saint – and I become absentminded and may take someone for granted.  Although, I do try to stay vigilant in treating others with the respect I feel they deserve and apologize when I find that I have failed in living the Golden Rule.

When you “get” others before they “get” you, then you stifle their ability to perform and do their best. We are all human and we make human mistakes. No one is exempt from this. What we don’t realize is that when we don’t allow for human error, we bring condemnation down upon ourselves, because how can we be forgiven our human error, when we cannot allow for the error of others.

I’ve heard it said – Don’t judge others because they sin differently than you. We all walk our own path in life and I can’t judge you because you’ve made a different decision than I have. I have not walked in your shoes – I don’t know your pain or your tolerance, therefore, I treat you as I would want someone to treat me if I were to make a decision or act in a way that goes in an adverse direction from what other’s feel is acceptable.

I live by my values and my standards, but I don’t expect for you to live by them. I simply expect for you to respect them, as I respect yours. Giving other’s the benefit of the doubt and allowing them to be who they are would make the world a softer place to live. Hearts are hardened and so many people are so cynical that it makes me sad. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am no Pollyanna, in that I feel that the world is a sunshiny place to live, however, if we all treated one another with a little more kindness, I do believe in a better world.2c1f04d076e07e4d3029677ce34c407d

I hope you will conscientiously hold the door open for someone today. I hope that when that person doesn’t let you into traffic that instead of cursing them, you say a prayer for them because they must be trying to work through a million troubles while sitting in traffic and they simply don’t see you.  When someone makes a different decision than you would, please remember that you are not in their day-to-day life and you don’t know what influences they are under to lead them to make the decision they make. Have compassion instead of condemnation. Love one another as you would like to be loved…it’s as simple as that folks. I hope you can see your way to do that today.

Have a blessed day –

Yours truly, Ann

The Passions of Life

I swear to you – I still don’t know what I wanna be when I grow up….do you? I admire those people who have gone to school when they were 18 years old, were trained in a certain area of life and they continue to work in that same field, and are seemingly happy. I have spurts of ambition that come from – I don’t know where – and go in directions that I can’t seem to tame. My problem is that I am interested in just about everything! I have a difficult time honing into just one area. I have done so many different things in my life – and I have enjoyed each one of them in some degree and I cannot seem to whittle down one course of life for me to focus upon in which to exceed!

At this junction in my life, I am working in the finance field. Financial planning and I love it, but I knew that I would – just like everything else in my life! I want to learn all that I can as an assistant, and then make the switch to becoming certified as a planner! The best part is that we can put our money with the firm and I’ll be able to keep a close eye on it and watch it – hopefully – grow. But in addition, I can see the value of diversification and growing our money in different areas, such as mutual funds and annuities!  I am easily developing a zeal for finance and insurance!

I am still passionate about my writing. As soon as we get settled into a house, I plan on getting busy with my book, once again. I’m writing a book about a woman who has lost her husband in a sudden accident, and how she moves on with three adult children who have the tendency to care for her as though she is the child and not the adult. I’m anxious to get back to it and get it finished!

There is so much out in the world today that is exciting and full of promise, it’s difficult at times to narrow down exactly where your passion lies. I am passionate about my writing, but I’ve come to realize that I am passionate about anything that helps me to grow and learn and broaden my insight into the world around me.


Learning about other people is a huge passion for me. I enjoy discovering their desires and yearnings for life. What makes you tick? What makes your blood rise with excitement? I would love some feedback and some stories on your passion and how you incorporate it into your life on a consistent basis. Tell me what holds you back and present speed bumps to the fulfillment of your passions. How have you overcome the blips on the map to living your dreams? Let me hear from you and perhaps together we can grow and learn from one another!

Thanks for popping in and reading! Let me hear from you – it’s the only way I’m going to get better at what I do!  😉

Blessings for your day –
Yours truly,