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Before the Pearly Gates….

Have you ever heard anyone speak of what may happen after they die?  You know – they’ll say something like “When I get before the Pearly Gates…..”!  Do you ever wonder what you’ll be doing as you stand before the Pearly Gates?  Does it ever cross your mind?

I wonder how long I’ll have to stand there before St. Peter comes along to look for my name in the Book of Life.  I wonder if there will be a bench out there to rest while I have to wait for them to be ready for me….

I have pondered this and have come to my own conclusion as to what takes place in my span of time waiting for St. Peter…and here’s my scenario…….

I think there IS a bench, and I’ll be inclined to sit and wait.  While I wait, gradually, like a 3D movie, my life begins to play out around me.

Suddenly, I begin to see people from the recesses of my life.  I see all of the people who touched my life in some way.  I, also, am able to see all of the lives that I was privileged enough to touch.   In addition, I think I’ll be able to see all of the missed opportunities to be an inspiration for others.

I believe that all the times that I’ve promised to pray for someone, but completely forgot the promise, will come back to nag at me while I’m sitting upon that bench.  Then right after that, I’ll be given the gift of seeing the result of every prayer I’ve ever prayed and the ripple effect it may have caused.

All of my sins will be played out right in front of me and I will feel the hurt in my heart as I watch myself being less than a stellar Christian.  When the pain of my betrayal becomes almost too much for me to manage while I am perched on that bench, the film will take a turn and like a warm, healing salve, I will be given the gift of how forgiveness was given to others by me.  I will see the release of the harsh reality of harboring resentment, bitterness and hatred.

While I sit there watching the stark contrast between my transgressions and my forgiveness, the ache in my soul becomes a plea that I, too, could receive the gift of being relieved of my sinful burdens.  When the weight of my sadness begins to burn the air from my lungs, a new dawn appears on the film of my life, and a warm breeze of lavender and honeysuckle flushes over me and I begin to feel lighter, but not all at once.  It begins with my feet and I sense God’s mercy creep slowly through my body, until all but my heart and soul have been relieved…..until……I realize that the burning in my soul has now become a flame of love and longing for the joy and completeness that only God can provide.

I imagine, at that point, my life movie comes to a slow end, and I will, once again, find myself outside the Pearly Gates.  However, I am no longer sitting on that bench, but I am on my knees, awaiting forgiveness with my admission.  Time has fallen away.  All that matters is returning to my creator and the joy of all the desires of my heart being fulfilled the minute I am given the nod from His loving eyes.  And I wait with a burning love that can only be a heavenly love….until finally, I hear the Angels singing and the Gates begin opening….

This is my image of what happens after I breathe my last breath.  The scene of my life flash as I await the Great I Am.  I hope this is the way it happens…or something similar.

What are your ideas of the moments after your death?  I would love to know your thoughts on what happens when you arrive at the Pearly Gates!  Please leave me your comments!  🙂

May You Be Blessed Today!