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6 Ways Art Imitates Life

Years ago, I bought a pretty nice camera, but never did learn to use it very well.  Apparently, the thief that broke into my house either knew how to use it – or could find someone who could use it!  Regardless, I bought another camera with the insurance money in hopes that I would get the hang of it.  It is a Cannon Power Shot.  However, again, sadly, this camera has been in a drawer right after it was purchased.  I have even bought a smaller Cannon that was not as bulky.   Since acquiring Smartphones, these cameras have been pushed aside for the convenience of the camera phone!
We had an event in the family over the Labor Day Weekend, so I decided to give photography another shot!  Pun intended!  I retrieved both of my cameras from their resting places to take with us.  I thought it would be a good opportunity to see what I could do with them.  Hence, I set about snapping the lens!
I may not have a talent there, but I can learn and I did get some really good photos.  If only I could learn to share them with the family in the cloud…ugh!                100_0747
Getting home from our trip, I went about loading up the photos, which went well.  And as I was editing them, it all became clear to me.  Life is much like photography…..as we go through life we make our mistakes and they show through the negatives, but allowed to develop and edit, we can make all things new!
  1. Interesting things can be done with lighting.  Instead of letting the light shine upon the negative on the photo, we dim the lighting and heighten the color on the positive!  Once we see the negative in our own lives, if we dim the light on those, and leave them in the dark, oftentimes, the positives will brighten on their own in our perspective!
  2. There will always be slight imperfections in the subjects of our photos, as with our own lives.  The key is catching the faults and doing the touch-up work required to fix them!  Before you know it, those flaws can all be part of the past!
  3. The evil red look in one’s eyes can be moved to light when given the proper attention and the time to devote to it.  Sometimes the picture is perfect, except for the look in the eye.  They say that the eye is the window to the soul…..hmmm….perhaps there is pain, hurt, or heartache.  With loving attention, that look can be swept away to brighter sights!
  4. When all of the unnecessary scenery is cropped away, the viewer can then focus on what is really important.  Often, that is the same way with our lives!
  5. When a splash of color is enhanced then the positive qualities can become almost 3D!  It is in the magnetizing of the color that the bland and the dismal begins to shrink from view!
  6. Every once in a while, you can change the background, bringing forth a sparkle in the eye in a way that the same old scenery just can’t obtain.  We all need a change of scenery from time to time!
I might never be a master picture taker, however, I can concentrate on becoming an excellent editor.  If I can do that in life, as well as my photographs, then for what more could I ask?!