Daily Archives: August 25, 2015

Overcoming those Wintertime Blues!

With the autumn months approaching, I find my mood begin to follow the weather and become a little bleak and dreary.  It begins around October/November and can stretch to February/March.  It is referred to as SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Many people suffer from this disorder, but it affects more women than men.  

As the time changes, days are dark when I’m going to work and dark when getting off from work, and I begin to feel almost hopeless.  As my mother would say, I begin feeling ‘blue’.  It is during these months, as the weather starts to turn colder, that we should take special care of ourselves.

The months of November and December are busier months and I can distract myself with the business of getting prepared for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Given that knowledge, I try to plan something to look forward to during the months of October and late or mid-February.  Distracting myself with a party or a trip helps keep my mind off the immediate feelings of despair and helplessness.

It’s important for me to make sure I get out and enjoy the sunshine!  If it’s bright out, even when cold, I turn my face to the sun.  It warms me and I experience hope!

Some women that I have talked with use a light therapy box.  This is a box that holds special lights that mimic the warm rays that we feel from the sun, hence, giving us that feeling of having our mood lifted.  They will sit in front of this box for fifteen minutes a day, but it is enough time to lift their spirits.

There is also medication, as well as, talk therapy.  I, personally, find it helpful to have someone to which I can talk and share some anxiety I might be having as a result of the weather and the time of year.  

It’s a good time to check your vitamin intake!  Through the summer months, we are so busy and outdoors, eating good fresh vegetables, but as the weather becomes colder, we are more likely to eat more of the ‘comfort foods’.  These foods can leave us feeling laden down and kind of depressed, as well.  Be vigilant to eat well and take a look at the vitamins in your medicine cabinet.  Make sure you’re taking some D3, to protect you and keep your immune system strong, as well as some B12, to help you from feeling tired and weighed down!

This is a really good time of year to give to others!  When we focus on others, then we forget about ourselves and the woe’s we might be feeling.

The last thing that I try to do, and my last suggestion, is be sure you have a few good books to read!  You can go to warm places, sunny places, exotic places and all over the world with many different people when you read.  You can worry about someone else’s problems, even if they’re fictional, rather than your own worries.

As we approach September, and the weather becomes cooler, if you find yourself becoming ‘blue’, try something new and pretty soon, before you know it, we’ll be finding Spring just around the corner!   

Thanks for reading, please let me know what you think!  Until next time, don’t just count YOUR blessings ……BE a blessing to others!  😉